The Gift of T I M E

As I have gotten older I often think about time, and spending time with the people I love. Age is funny like that, don’t you think? 


Have you ever reflected on how you spend your time? It’s so easy to find time for some things and not others. (And then there are the things you just HAVE to do. Dishes, grocery shopping, laundry... Lawd, the never ending laundry. ). What do you prioritize? Work, family, vacation?  Maybe you’re reflecting and seeing you need to change your time commitments to more quality vs. quantity. Or perhaps you’re seeing how little time you’re spending on the important stuff. (I may be feeling convicted -Guilty!) 


My grandpa (who is no longer with us) once told me, “One thing you can never get back in your life is time.”  Wise words, I find myself reflecting on often now. I was 13 years old when he gave me that nugget of wisdom, and thought he was just being silly.  He went on to say, “you can make more money, you can find a new job, you will meet new people but at the end of the day you only have 24 hours in a day and when that time is passed you can’t get it back.  “. Now that I am “old” (as my kids like to remind me) I am seeing he was right.  What I would give to be able to have one minute in my 24 hours to talk to him again, what I would give to tell him I miss him and love him. I’m so thankful for the great memories I have with him. 

 Grandpa and I... Giving the gift of time

(Katie and Her Grandpa)

The other day Sarah was telling me about a few hours she got to spend with her Grandma who is in her 90’s.  She was talking about how much she enjoyed learning a new knitting stich from her and the talks they have and how she can just help her grandma a few hours a week and loves every minute of it. She went on to tell me how much it means to her that her kids got to spend time with their great grandma learning the same things she did when Sarah was little.  These moments’ guys- these are the important ones.

(Sarah and her Grandma)


I know that you all would be surprised-insert mega eye roll here- but Sarah and I talk daily, and we often talk about all the running we have going on.  Things like being the Uber for our kids, or working full time jobs, soccer games, swim lessons, school functions, the list goes on and on. Raise your hand if you feel me?! Life can certainly keep us busy, and it’s so crucial to know what’s important.


We talk about things we are missing out on, too. Often we find ourselves promising to spend time with someone and when life gets in the way we feel guilty.  Can you relate? I know when I’m on the receiving end, I’m so disappointed but I’d never say anything.  We know that we have missed play dates for the kids, a night out with the girls, a date with our husbands or even a dinner date with our mom and dad. Why is it so hard to prioritize time?!


Just like grandpa said- we all get 24 hours. So here’s our PSA - Make sure you take some sweet time for you, doing whatever fills your soul. Maybe you like long walks or sushi nights in. Who knows- maybe you’re an adventurous soul and you crave something adrenaline-pumping like sky diving or traveling the world. Life is short friends. Make precious memories, follow your heart.

 Grandpa and I photo 2

(Katie and Her Grandpa)

Our mission from day one has been to make sure each person who comes through our doors loves what project they made with us and they feel like we are new friends when they leave.  So after each workshop or event Sarah and I chat.  We talk about how things went… What went great?  What should we change for the next workshop or event?  Did we provide enough time for each one of you?  Did you have fun?  Do you love your project and not want to hang it in your garage -bahahaha yes we have people say that before they start.  


You see all of these things matter to us, because we know that you are spending time with us to recharge.  We know that you still have laundry to do, and kid’s homework that might need to get checked.  Maybe you had a really stressful week at work.  You use this time away from your other half and your kiddos to fill your cup and recharge.  We got you girls!


If you’re reading this and haven’t spent some recharge tome with us, know we’d love to see you. We’d love to hear what kinds of things you’d like to see in the store and what kinds of workshops to host. We love it when you tune into our live Facebook sales and say “hey” when we do stitch fix unboxings. We invite you into our community— because you’re so wanted here. It’s a place to find friends and laughs and create. It’s a place where you can find your people. If you’re a regular know that we love our customers -that’s YOU!


We know that life is crazy and busy and we feel so thankful you choose to spend a few hours of your precious T I M E with us.  We know that each moment of your day is valuable.  We pray that you’re refreshed and your cup is filled while you’re here on that date night or girl’s night out. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for filling your cup with us! It truly is an honor.


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