Spring Shedding In Your Home & Heart

Even though spring may be full of new blossoms and green grass, it seems to be a natural season to shed, transform and try new things. So this year, our family decided to order caterpillars online to grow into BUTTERFLIES. Disclaimer, this wouldn’t be our first time we’ve grown caterpillars in our home. But the last time we did, the kids were so little… and my son doesn’t even remember. So I thought to myself, this will be a fun thing to do and the perfect time!

butterfly kit

But when the box first showed up on our door step, I didn’t know they were delivered! Of course the day they were delivered, it was 40 degrees outside. So when I opened the box and looked at the container – I was worried. The caterpillars weren’t moving and they were REALLY tiny! Luckily, the box said to be patient. Give the caterpillars a few days to get over the BUMPY road they were on, to get to our house. So, we decided to name them. Aspen, Birch, Maple, Leaf, Ivy, Sky and Willow.  Low and behold, these fuzzy little creatures became very much symbolic to OUR family.

Butterfly kit

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I had a health issue this past winter that opened a path to a more natural, mindful way of living. Again, I thought I was living pretty kind and naturally. Which got me pondering… do caterpillars know, that they won’t ALWAYS be caterpillars? Do they know they won’t NEED this web they’ve spun and chrysalis for long? This new mindset got me thinking… our home needed shedding… to reflect this journey that we were on.

OK then! We are having a rummage! Now I know, anyone that has had a rummage, knows it’s a lot of work. But the work, can be part of the journey? A friend of mine set a goal this year to donate 40 bags for the 40 days of Lent. How cool, right? However YOU want to shed or cleanse this spring… I say – GO FOR IT! You will not be disappointed!

We all appreciate a space or home that is uncluttered. Also, I’d like to point out that the word “uncluttered” is different for everyone. As a design consultant and someone who also has a business partner that is a professional organizer, often clients would tidy up before we come. Let me tell you… who are we to judge your space? Much like life, you never know what people are going through, so always be kind!!! The same goes for our homes, I will tell some friends that it bring me comfort if they don’t tidy up before I come because it shows me they are comfortable with where they are. Some people are just more relaxed with their homes and they are comfortable with that. You know what, I can feel that energy and it also makes me relaxed!

But, are you someone that has had stress this past winter? Does your home reflect that stress? Or has your family simply outgrown things? Then think of it as - FREEING your home of any bad or unnecessary energy. Even if your home may not appear cluttered; you may have shoved things in the basement or closets like me. Then your family still probably has plenty of things they can shed. I never realized how many board games we had… that my kids have outgrown!

Now many of you would prefer to donate your items. Trust me, sometimes it’s simply easier, I get it. But this time around, I personally want to find joy in MEETING the people that leave with my son or daughter’s bike and is so excited to give it to their child or grandchild! I want to witness and hear their excitement. What’s greater than witnessing the RIPPLE effect? Honestly, that’s where we become butterflies, right? Don’t get me wrong it sounds a little cheesy. But isn’t that when we feel free? Doesn’t it always make us happy?

No lie, a few nights ago, (BEFORE I decided to write this particular blog) I got woke up by my daughter because she couldn’t sleep and for some reason I looked at my phone to check the time and saw I got a text that said, “Caterpillars successfully… transform into butterflies.” Huh? I was so tired I didn’t notice who it was from, I just went back to bed. In the morning, I checked my phone and the text wasn’t there?

How weird right? But maybe it was a sign, definitely a wakeup call (LOL) to NOT doubt the process of whatever we might be going through. Butterflies go through a CRAZY metamorphism to become a butterfly. So don’t try to skip any steps. Trust the timing. Feel what you need to feel. See what you need to see. Focus on your happiness independently from ANYONE else. It’s a tall order, especially for women. But won’t we fly more gracefully through life if we do? Won’t we enjoy our environments and see the beauty in it all? Happy Shedding my Friends!


Ann Schellinger


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