Let’s make your home (and life!) SPARK JOY this spring!

After a long, never-ending winter, we are so READY to freshen up our homes, open the windows, and get a new start this Spring.

If you’re ready for a 2019 Reset, read on to find some game-changing ideas to make your year an amazing one, and simplify + beautify your home, too!
1. Spring Cleaning starts NOW, and Less is More!
Get a few bags and boxes, and go room to room, gathering things you truly don’t need (or really even want). Donate these items to a thrift store. Remember that this might take a few rounds, and there are many reasons
that you might want to hold onto something. Are you keeping dozens of old
tops in your closet, hoping they’ll fit again one day? Do you have boxes full of birthday and wedding cards stuffed under the bed? Do you have 4 spatulas, just in case one breaks? Do you feel guilty getting rid of an old mirror that your grandmother gave you? Guilt, false hope, and good
old fashion hoarding are a handful of reasons people might hold onto something. Consider all these reasons when making the decision of “keep
or toss”. Consider the STYLE that you’d like to see in your house. Pin
your inspiration, and try your best to stick to it. Maybe another mismatched
throw pillow won’t exactly take you to the clean, minimalistic style that your soul is craving.
If you’re a mom of multiple little ones, and you feel that the toys are taking over the house, you’ll be surprised at what your kiddos would willingly part with. The key is to include them in the process. Maybe they’re not interested in the ‘baby’ puzzles anymore, or maybe they have only 2 stuffed animals they would actually miss if they disappeared. Talk to them about the goodness of donating to thrift stores and shelters, and you might be pleasantly surprised at their answers and ideas.
When we did this with our little ones, and took their toy situation from a level 10 hurricane to a level 1 (where yes, you can tell that kids that live here, but they really keep things clean!), not only did the stress disappear, but now we find them actually playing with their toys more often and doing more creative things on their own. Our kids love spending less time cleaning and more time creating. This is definitely worth a shot, my fellow parents.
2. Organizing, Putting things Back, & the Two-Minute Rule
After you’ve finished the first step, the next step is organizing. When everything has a set place that makes sense, and your home isn’t overflowing, is there a better feeling? You’ll find yourself cleaning less often (and who doesn’t like the sound of that??), and losing things less often, too. But remember, we’re all moms here. After a while, we know things tend to travel away, so be patient as you find your new rhythm.
Another helpful tip that’s made my life easier over the years, was simply putting things back when I was done with them. ESPECIALLY in the kitchen. I made huge messes all over the counters, but after my husband suggested just putting an ingredient back when I was done, the messes began to shrink. I began applying this to everything, from my morning routine, to laundry, and I’ve joyfully found myself cleaning less often.
Another tip that holds hands with these, is from the book “Getting Things
Done” by David Allen. It’s the two-minute rule. If something on your to-do list will take less than two minutes to do, then do it now. Bathroom sink cluttered with toothpaste, floss, and hairspray? It takes 10 seconds to put them away. Need to reschedule your son’s dentist appointment? As much as we tend to hype up these conversations in our head, those calls really only take a minute or two, then we can stop thinking about them and move on with our day.
Implementing these tips, along with the first one, will improve the quality of your life, and decrease stress levels SO MUCH. You’ll be falling in love with your home, and your life again, in no time.
3. Break Out your French Maid Costume
Okay, maybe we don’t have one, but here’s a quick list of not-typical
MUST-CLEANS that tend to not happen over winter.
*Windows! Wash off the dirt, inside and out, to let some delicious sunlight in!
*Rugs and Carpet! Yes, we all vacuum, but nows a great time for a deep wash to treat stains and deeply-packed dirt (a rug or carpet is THE biggest filter in your home!)
*Your plants! Did you notice that sometimes your plant leaves can get dusty? (Or is it just mine?). Take a damp cloth to those leaves and keep the Fresh Train going!
*Your ceiling fans! Don’t turn them on until they’ve had a duster brush them clean! (Unless you like seeing it rain dust-bunnies in your living room). Find dust wand-extenders at your local general store if you have extra-high ceilings.
4. Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle!
It’s a satisfying feeling, being able to give life and purpose to something.
Having staple items that can be redecorated, (or repurposed), throughout the seasons and holidays, is fabulous.
Our two-tier trays, for example, are beautiful in any setting, and can be redecorated with spring flowers, fall foliage, Christmas decor, fresh fruit, and more. It can also be a centerpiece for your table, or a catch-all for your essentials (like your keys, wallet, or glasses). (Click here to get yours!)
Likewise, furniture that doubles as storage can add functionality to smaller spaces as well. Tuck away seasonal gear into a storage bench, or add rolling drawers under your bed to store your spring duvet.
5. Dress Up Your Table
Now that we’ve really revamped ourselves here, we can move onto some truly easy ways to freshen up your space for spring. Let’s start by dressing up the focus point of your dining room—the kitchen table! Fresh-cut flowers in a watering can, or brown lunch bags (with their tops rolled down) with a flower-filled jar inside. If flowers aren’t your cup of tea, you can still sing, “SPRING!” with a line of succulents in different jars. Those little guys are always adorable, and cute in almost any space!
{Photo Credit: Madeline Rome Photography}
6. Dress Up Empty Areas
Living plants bring joy, color, and life to any space. But this can be an issue if you live in a low-light area, or if you have a black thumb like me. An easy, low-commitment way to keep life and a feeling of freshness abound, are flowers! Treating yourself to your favorite stems from the grocery store cures the winter blues (and boy, did we have a winter to remember this year!).
But I’m gonna have to admit, flowers are my answer for almost anything.
Bad day? Hydrangeas. Kids whining? Bunchy roses. Husband acting up?
Gerber daisies. Behind on 38,492 emails? You guessed it! Peonies!
So if you’re not a flower person, Eucalyptus stems tucked in a vase add clean color (and height) to a larger wall or space. Consider the ever-easy
Aloe plant as well, (and break off a tip to treat burns!)!
Madeline Rome Photography Spring Flowers
{Photo Credit: Madeline Rome Photography}
7. Give Your Walls New Life
If your kids took a crayon to the walls while they were going stir-crazy this winter, or you’re ready to create your accent wall, give them new life with a new coat of paint! This might need to be done while the kids are sleeping (so we can avoid hand prints), but it’s definitely one of those things that makes your space feel so much better.
If you’re interested, a few ideas for accent walls would be a neutral color, a shiplap wall, or a wallpaper wall, too! DON’T CLICK AWAY after reading wallpaper! There are adorable, easy-removal options that exist, my friends!
The odd, grandmotherly, hideous, and impossible-to-remove wallpapers area thing of the past!
A quick Pinterest search will inspire you!
We hope you loved these practical (and game-changing!) ideas to freshen up your home and life this spring!
Do you have any tips and tricks, too? We’d love to hear all about them in the comments!
(Books and resources that helped inspire this post: ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen; ‘Tidying Up’ with Marie Kondo; 'Goodbye Things’ by Fumio Sasaki)


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