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Cooking With Mom

What does every mother want on Mother’s Day? Every year I ask that my children don’t fight for one day! Besides that, I think every mom just wants to spend time together. Don’t get me wrong, the over decorated, jewel encrusted, hand-made gifts are sure to please. But who has had breakfast in bed orchestrated by their family on Mother’s Day? What did they serve you? Toaster waffles with coffee or orange juice? This year, why not plan to cook together, it can be a treasured gift that can keep on giving.   
Full disclosure, I didn’t grow up in the kitchen cooking with my mom. But I wish I had. I wish I had memories to cherish. Perhaps I would not have waited so long to get into cooking or cooking with my children for that matter. For the longest time, I simply didn’t enjoy it. I’d sooner be outside than slaving in the kitchen. But now that my children are 8 and 10, we all have turned a new leaf, making new traditions. I want to learn with my children, learn to cook healthy and have fun along the way. My children have also been picky eaters. Our rule was, if you don’t like it, you have to take as many bites as your age. A little incentive can’t hurt either, especially when there is a sea salt, dark chocolate waiting on the table for them when they are done! But I’m not going to lie, it’s been a slow progression, but worth it.
But in life, when we know better, we do better, right? So I’ve learned that I want to include my children in this journey and cook together. When they are a part of the journey, you learn and grow together! What greater Mother’s Day gift? Since I’ve started this new tradition, I’ve set a timer on my phone at 5:00 every evening. I picked the Chimes ringtone to remind us all to come together to discuss and make dinner together. You’ll also be amazed how many more vegetables your kids will eat when they are helping to make the meal. They appreciate the time that goes into it and enjoy the time and attention they get from mom. In this blog, I’ve included two recipes sure to please everyone in the family!
Recipes to Improve Your Mind and Body
Nature has always been my go to, my sanctuary. But never, did I really embrace that everything we put into our bodies, can have a direct effect on our happiness.  I recently have been faced with some health issues. Specifically, I uncovered that I had a  Spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leak. When you are for the most part feeling good, you take your health for granted. You think, oh, I don’t need to eat organic, it’s too expensive. Or, I just have to adjust my portion controls if I need to lose weight. In addition, never, did I think how I ate affected my mental health either. After going through my health struggle, and three months of daily headaches, I was willing to try anything. My husband introduced me to a physician who practices Functional Medicine. Only then did I understand that, how what we ate affected our whole family, mind and body. Only then did I uncover that our family was not as healthy as I thought. Our family was suffering from allergies, acne, indigestion, constipation, gas, bad breath, lack of concentration, nail biting, anxiety, thinning hair, weight gain, snoring, and the list goes on. All of which can be cured and can prevent us from developing diseases. Now, I know what you are thinking, I’m not so sure about that. Well, try it for yourself. Start with eliminating dairy and gluten and see how you feel. We can always do better, feel better. What can you lose?
Gluten Free, Dairy Free - Family Friendly Recipes
These two recipes are gluten free and dairy free. I know, who wants to eat healthy on Mother’s Day or any holiday? But what I am trying to instill in my children is that when we have choices, to make good choices when we can. Obviously, it’s harder when we are at a restaurant but if we always try to make the best decisions, when we can, it will only get easier. My own supportive husband was not on board when we started eating healthier. There was a lot of eye rolling. My kids too gave me a lot of grief at first. But each time we learned together we’d talk about why we were eating this way. We talked about how it can help our family to feel better and be happier. I’d always say, we are in this together!  I mean who really wants to eat anything that tastes like cardboard? Nobody! So don’t! Learn to season, grill and roast vegetables. Try new recipes!
Gluten Free |  Dairy Free - Family Friendly Recipes
When I read the instructions for the Crust-less Vegetable Quiche, I thought, what the heck is a zucchini ribbon? Luckily I had a peeler and I figured it out. I was so excited because the ribbons were so pretty and it all came together. But, when the quiche was done I opened the oven, the crust-less quiche seemed to have a crust that was 6 inches high! It looked like a giant bowl! I thought, oh crap, I did something wrong. But after taking it out and letting it cool a bit, the sides went down. Phew! Some recipes will be great and some won’t. I’m glad I didn’t mess this one up either. These two recipes specifically are also great for holidays and brunches you can make ahead of time. But when cooking dinner with my kids, one thing I’ve learned is that when I’m not sure how the recipe will taste, I’ll whip up some gluten free pasta with some pesto sauce to have on the side just in case. But trust me, if you’re kids are laughing alongside of you, it’s not a wash. It’s a memory you will cherish, forever.

Farmhouse Decor - Gluten Free | Dairy Free - Family Friendly Recipes

Baked Blueberry Oatmeal (GF)

Gluten Free | Dairy Free - Family Friendly Recipes

Crustless Summer Vegetable Quiche




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